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We are RunnerBullUSA.com!

We are the English language version of our original Italian language website, RunnerBull.com.

This is our owner, Alex!

Hello, I'm Alex (Alessandro in Italian), the owner of Runnerbull.

I have worked in the motorcycle market in Italy (and also in Europe) for almost 30 years... in sales, advertising and as journalist. I was a contributor of Motociclismo, Italian leader in bike/biker magazines, many years ago, then I worked for Scooter Magazine for many years until I became the editor. At the same time, I was the publisher of DueRuoteNews (DRN) the first italian trade magazine in the motorcycle business.

Today, after the closing of paper editions of magazines, I'm the owner of web site www.scooterwebzine.it and collaborate with some magazines in the automotive industry. Also, for many years I've been into 'sales agent' of spare parts, helmets, bike clothing and boots for some important brands into the motorcycle market.

Since 2012, I launched my own brand/logo Runnerbull, producers of biker style boots , handmade by expert Italian craftsman, usiing the best Italian leather, exclusively from Italian tanneries, as 'comfy' as every day good shoes but with the rough style of hard bikers.

If you have any suggestion, comments or anything you would like to tell me about our products, I'll be happy to listen. Mobile phone + 39 371 1150879 or email me here!

Thanks to my wife Patty for the nice photo shooting!

Here are our craftsmen at work!
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It all starts with fine, quality Italian leather!

Selecting and cutting the leather!

Working at the bench!

Fitting the forms!

Assembling the heels!

Polishing the boots!


Finishing your boots!

Finishing your boots!
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RunnerBull Boots are elegant yet sporty at the same time, and attentive to a new trend that is growing and until now, was very hard to find.

RunnerBull Boots are a new and compelling line of boots for you to enjoy!

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We are ...

the English language version of our original Italian language website, RunnerBull.com.

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