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What are the delivery times?

Generally, most boots are ready to ship; but if not, about 3 to 4 weeks for standard products. For custom boot orders, allow 5 to 6 weeks, depending on the custom work required.

Do your prices include taxes and custom import fees?

Prices include VAT for Italian and European market (European Community) customers. Outside the EU, any and all other fees are not included and are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Is it possible to have custom boots?

Yes, by height, width, color, choice of leather and even boots of your own design. Read more here at our "Custom Boots" page or e-mail for more information.

What are the prices for custom-made boots?

The extra charge for custom boots will vary. We can adjust anything. Please email us for complete information.

How can I check the fit?

The site has a 'Sizes' page with a conversion table for international measurements of the foot and with the average size of the boots for height and circumference. Please read the page carefully.

Is it possible to buy Runnerbull products in stores?

No, currently Runnerbull Boots are available online only, here at RunnerBullUSA.com and at our Italian site at RunnerBull.com but in the very near future it may be possible. We are working on adding select retailers. Please ask us for latest news.

Is it possible to combine delivery of multiple pairs?

Yes, it is possible for a small additional surcharge. Please see our 'Shipping' page.

If I purchase a pair of boots and the fit is 'not quite right', is it possible to change the measurements?

In many cases, it is possible, with shipment charges paid by the buyer. Contact us FIRST by email, if there is any problem.

Are RunnerBull Boots, Italian products?

Yes, RunnerBull Boots are completely designed and "Made in Italy", exclusively with Italian materials and craftsmanship.

Are RunnerBull Boots for men only?

No. At first, Runnerbull Boots were mainly for men but we've now launched a line exclusively for women, with more designs to come!

Are RunnerBull Boots made of leather?

Yes, RunnerBull Boots are made exclusively with fine Italian leather.

Do you offer any discount plans for retailers?

Yes, it is possible. Please send an email asking for complete detailed information.

There are other forms of discount?

Yes, there may be discount programs for groups (ex. motorcycle clubs) or to websites, persons or bloggers who advertise our products. Please send an email for complete information.

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